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Customer Service

The first section of this page contains information for our customers who have a current service contract with us. These are the contact numbers and the information for contacting us if service contract holders need assistance. Following this section is our standard, normal, service policy.

If you have a customer service contract with DicTran, follow the instructions provided in your Support Plan.

For those customers that do not have a customer service contract with DicTran and you need initial installation help, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department:

8:30 am - 5:30 pm Eastern Time M-F:  1-800-841-6121 x3
Email: customerservice@dictran.com
Set up Support Ticket:  http://support.dictran.com/

Our standard policy on service is as follows:

DicTran supports all of its own products. You have a 30-day return policy, subject to a $35 restocking charge, on our products.

If you should encounter difficulties with installation or usage, please email us at CustomerService@DicTran.com or call our service number. This is for existing customers of DicTran who have our products. Questions about the product or sales information should be directed to CustomerService@DicTran.com or by calling toll-free 1-800-841-6121 x2.

To reach our customer service department, please call toll-free 1-800-841-6121 x2. You may call after hours for your convenience, if needed. After hours, you will be presented with a voice menu. For service, choose #3. If you need sales information, want to place an order, or need product information, choose #2. Be sure to leave your number so your call may be returned.

We do not provide service for your personal computer unless through an existing service contract. In order to run our products on your system, you must have the minimum requirements as stated below and a SoundBlaster 16 compatible sound card.

Your first phone call to us is free, and we do provide a toll-free number. Before you call, make sure you have met the system requirements and your sound card is compatible and you have followed all installation instructions. If you still need assistance, please call customer service. We will get you installed. After we have gotten you up and running and installed properly, questions by email concerning further service needs may be directed to customer service by emailing CustomerService@DicTran.com. All email to us is free.

If you do call us for service following purchase, it is recommended that you write down the instructions so that should you need to reinstall our software, you will have those instructions for future use.

If you call us and your computer does not meet our minimum requirements, we cannot service your hardware or computer and you will be directed to your local computer service person.

Once you are installed, should you need service again for your product, if you decide to call us for service rather than email us, you will be asked for a credit card number. We will get all the details from you concerning the problem and your time charges will start when we begin to actually fix your problem. You will be billed at $22.50 per 15-minute period (or portion thereof) with a 15 minute minimum billed to your credit card.

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