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IV Doc

Imbedded VoiceDoc®, is a DLL software module, which integrates VoiceWare™ a PC-based dictation and transcription software. into any computer-based patient record (CPR). Needing only a standard SoundBlaster16-compatible sound card in a Pentium PC, this software enables both the generation of a digital voice file (VoiceDoc®) and its transcription into a text document (VoiceScribe™).

Imbedded VoiceDoc® provides CPR developers with the tool for easily incorporating a voice module into both their clinical and transcription workstations. Imbedded VoiceDoc® can also be integrated with picture archive and communication systems (PACS), to link a radiologist's dictation with a digital image.

Without Imbedded VoiceDoc®, physicians must use a telephone to dial the digital dictation system, enter author/worktype/patient IDs, and then generate a voice file that the transcriptionist will later have to match up with its associated clinical event.

With an Imbedded VoiceDoc®-enabled CPR, physicians dictate directly into their PC-based workstations after clicking on a microphone icon. They can use a basic handheld microphone or a footpedal-controlled hands-free microphone. To truly streamline the CPR dictation process, Sony has integrated its physician-friendly slideswitch microphone into VoiceDoc®. With Imbedded VoiceDoc®, it is not necessary for the physician to enter any IDs, since the CPR application knows all relevant data about the author, patient, and clinical event. This data is attached to the voice file, so that dictations and identifying data can be digitally transmitted together.

Imbedded VoiceDoc® generates a very high quality .WAV file, and with The Programmers' Consortium proprietary lossless compression, compresses the voice file without any loss of quality for transmission over phonelines, network(s), or the Internet. This voice file can be transmitted directly to the appropriate transcriptionist's PC, or it can be sent to an open-architecture digital dictation system for routing to the transcriptionist. VoiceScribe™ incorporates software that allows the transcriptionist to control playback via a footpedal attached to their PC, while using whatever earphones and text generation software they prefer. It also enables the automatic passing of all identifying data into the appropriate database fields of the medical transcription system, and then - along with the transcribed text - into the clinical data repository.

If any authorized clinician needs to access this report before the transcribed and authenticated text is available, they simply click on a voice icon (on any clinical workstation) to hear it. Imbedded VoiceDoc® also accommodates multiple dictations within a single report, resulting in multiple voice icons until they are replaced by the corresponding text segments. This capability is valuable to CPR developers that provide for structured/codified clinical input, and wish an "escape hatch" to enable free-text elaboration to be linked to each relevant location within the document.

Imbedded VoiceDoc® is the "IV Solution" for your computerized patient records' system.

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IV Solution
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