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Medical Transcription (MT) Training Courses

Medical Transcription Fundamentals

Medical Transcription Fundamentals, a holistic approach to the study of medical transcription, is a Medical Transcription Fundementalscomprehensive, yet concise, manual written by a practicing medical transcriptionist for student medical transcriptionists. The conversational approach, filled with practical, "from-the-trenches" tips and advice, makes this book particularly valuable to the new transcriptionist entering the field.

Compatible with the AHDI Model Curriculum and designed with the adult-vocational and post-secondary school student in mind, this product meets the needs of both students and instructors. It can serve as the primary textbook in a short-term medical transcription course or be used for independent, on-line study. After completing the exercises and activities in this book, students will be able to prepare standard medical reports accurately and efficiently. They will also be well-versed in the fundamentals of anatomy and medical terminology as used in various medical specialty practices.

A bound-in CD-ROM includes 10 hours of actual dictation by physicians practicing in a variety of specialties PLUS additional scripted dictation (3 files for each chapter) to complement the end of chapter exercises, sample reports, and other data needed to prepare the documents discussed in the text.

You can view sample chapters and materials by visiting this web site: Gilmore Samples.

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Essentials of Medical Transcription

Essentials of Medical Transcription

(Please note: This is BOOK & CD-ROM)


This textbook provides progressively more difficult scenario drills and office simulations to help develop medical transcription skills. The first section introduces medical terminology and the different types of medical reports and their formats. Following are chapters for practice in each of the seven specialties: family practice, orthopedics, urology, pulmonary medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology, and diagnostic imaging. The CD-ROM contains practice exercises that deliver immediate feedback. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR


by Julie Hosley

This introduction to medical transcripting includes a CD-ROM. Unit One is designed to reinforce medical terminology, keyboarding, and proofreading skills. Unit Two promotes competency in transcripting by offering seven different medical specialties with medical terms and reports appropriate for each. With the increased documentation required by insurance and managed care regulations, proficiency in transcripting is vital to patient care and legal compliance. The text appears to be appropriate for the introductory student. The text is designed to introduce students to medical transcripting. The text appears appropriate for prospective production or medical office transcriptionists. The authors both have strong backgrounds in transcripting and education to bring credibility to the project. Unit One includes the fundamentals and an overview of transcripting with an introduction to medical records components, how to proofread your own work, and general guidelines for record compliance.

Unit Two features separate exercises appropriate for seven specific specialties, with specialty terms and an innovative Error Analysis Chart to help students see and correct errors. Error identification results are compared against a Production for Pay Summary to reinforce accountability for the production transcriptionist. Though not a deficiency for this level of text, the authors presume that the student has anatomy and physiology proficiency, a basicknowledge of pharmacology, and most other aspects of medical practice. It is presumed that this text is a component of a larger course that covers these topics. This text is appropriate in depth, demonstrates a high quality of instruction in text and ancillaries, and is an excellent resource for students who plan to pursue medical transcripting as a career.

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Essentials of Medical Transcription
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Advanced Medical Transcription

Advanced Medical Transcription Course

with Back of Book CD - A Modular Approach (Please note: This is a BOOK and CD-ROM.)

By Cindy Destafano, BSBa, RT(R) and Fran M. Federman, MSEd
Approx. 608 pages, Illustrated, Copyright 2003


This innovative, hands-on text guides readers through progressively more difficult scenario drills and office simulations, helping them gain confidence as they master valuable transcription skills. Using a building block format, the first unit presents fundamental skills and knowledge that are essential to medical transcription practice, and the second unit lets readers take on the role of a medical transcriptionist working at an outpatient health care center. Students gain real-world feedback on their transcription skills with interactive exercises on CD-ROM with a Production for Pay Summary feature that calculates their adjusted earnings per hour for each document they complete. An Error Analysis chart categorizes and tracks undetected errors by noting the occurrence of repeated types of mistakes so students can track their own progress and learn more effectively.

Key Features:

  • The modular, building-block approach presents segments of information followed immediately by exercises that reinforce material, so students can continually progress to new topics.
  • Competency-based, programmed learning approach makes it easy to clearly identify and measure the student's progress.
  • Real-world practice scenarios place the student in a simulated "employee" role, providing a sense of on-the-job training for a fictitious health care center with its own rules and procedures.
  • An Error Analysis chart for each document categorizes and tracks undetected errors by noting the occurrence of repeated types of mistakes (differentiating between medical language errors and English language errors) so students can identify problem areas and improve performance.
  • Production for Pay Summary feature replaces the traditional evaluation process, recording how quickly the document was created, subtracting credit for errors, and calculating the student's adjusted earnings per hour for that document - just like earning a paycheck.
  • A Microsoft Word compatible CD-ROM offers pre-tests and post-tests, proofreading exercises, and actual transcription exercises, plus an office simulation program that offers additional transcription practice with a self-correcting feature that gives automatic feedback on the student's accuracy.

Table of Contents:

UNIT 1: Introduction 1. An Overview of Advanced Medical Transcription: A Modular Approach 2. Using Advanced Word Processing Features UNIT II: Specialties 3. Cardiology 4. Emergency Medicine and Trauma Procedures 5. Gastroenterology 6. Internal Medicine 7. Medical Imaging/Interventional Radiology 8. Neurology 9. Obstetrics & Gynecology 10. Oncology 11. Infectious Diseases 12. Pediatrics/Neonatology 13. Plastic Surgery 14. Podiatry 15. Psychology 16. Pulmonary 17. Urology 18. Ophthalmology

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