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Dictaphone Refurbished

We have a number of refurbished Dictaphone systems to choose from. Please browse our inventory or use these links to jump to the product that interests you:

blue box Dictaphone Connexions Transcription Foot Control

blue box Dictaphone TransNet STNE Transcription Foot Control

Dictaphone Connexions Transcription Foot Control

This professional foot control has been engineered to meet the demands of transcription with controls for rewind, fast forward, and playback of dictation through the Connexions Station. The pedal controls have a pressure adjustment to meet the requirements of different users. WORKS ON DICTAPHONE C-PHONE'S, MVP'S AND OLDER CASSETTE TRANSCRIBERS.

Model: 177557R Dictaphone Connexions Transcription Foot Control.Limited Quantities Price:
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Dictaphone TransNet STNE Transcription Foot Control

  • The 148519 foot pedal with RJ11 plug must be used in conjunction with 148649 (USB Adapter) for proper operation into your computer.
  • To use with Dictaphone TransNet, Dictaphone Boomerang or Dictaphone STNE (Straight Talk NE) transcription software you must verify that your software has USB foot pedal capability.
  • Typically in the Dictaphone transcription program you will have an option for foot pedal setup. Older versions of these programs may not be compatible.
Model: 148519R Dictaphone TransNet STNE Transcription Foot Control Limited Quantities Price:
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