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One Day VoiceDoc


VoiceDoc®, the dictator's half of VoiceWare™, allows anyone to dictate either directly to a PC using a microphone, or by downloading from a cassette recorder, or via a digital handheld recording device. Installation and configuration of the software takes approximately 15 minutes.

Dictations are started simply by clicking on the client/job name. The interface is easy to understand: there are buttons for starting the recording, stopping, rewinding, and fast forwarding. Dictations can be edited and revisions can be made. When done, hit the complete button and call up the next job.

The dictation can by done through a regular microphone or with our slideswitch microphone. When the dictator is finished with all the dictations, by simply clicking on the complete button, the files are compressed and made ready for transferring to the transcriptionist's PC.

You can also use a tape recorder. When finished with the dictations, connect the handheld tape recorder to the sound card via our cable and press record on the interface and play on the recorder.

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Personal Edition/per seat
Internet enabled

Enterprise Edition/per seat
Software for digital dictation systems and CPR connectivity

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System Requirements

The minimum recommended configuration for VoiceWare™ is:

Computer Type:IBM PC-compatible
Operating System:Non-secure internet use: All 32-bit Windows platforms (Win 95, Win 98, Win NT, Win 2000, Win Me, Win XP)Secure internet use: Win 98 4.10.1998 or higher with Internet Explorer 5.5 or higherWin NT 4.00.1381 SP6Win 2000 5.00.2195 SP2Win Me 4.90.3000Win XP 5.10.2600
Processor Type:Pentium 100 or better
Random Access Memory (RAM):Thirty two megabytes (32 MB) or more
Sound Card:SoundBlaster 16 Compatible
Disk Storage:100 megabytes of free disk space
Video:Super VGA or better
Communications Port (serial port):One unused 9-pin comm port (if using foot pedal)

Interface specifications:
VoiceWare™ is SQL (Structured Query Language) and OLE (Object Linking/Embedding) 2.0 compliant.
VoiceWare™ is also available as a callable module for your existing applications.

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