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Distribution Server

The VoiceWare® Distribution Server (VDS) is designed to distribute documents produced through the VoiceWare® system. As documents complete their transcription process, they are returned to the VoiceWare® system. There, the VDS picks up those completed transcriptions and distributes them. The two primary means of distribution are printing and saving to files. The documents may be distributed through any printer defined by the server. This allows documents to be electronically delivered directly to specific offices within a medical establishment. There remains no need for human distribution. Settings within the program will allow for multiple printing options - delivery of the same document to more than one printer.

In addition to printing capabilities, the documents may be saved to files on the computer. The program is able to save to any mapped drive of the server system. Thus, it would be possible to have documents electronically saved directly in a department's own folder on their hard drive.

The program allows users to save documents using three different naming conventions: 1) the default name established by the VoiceWare® system, 2) a sequential naming convention that allows a department (for example) to have files named for easy reference, and, 3) customized naming using the VoiceWare® text information. The latter option would allow users to name files so that they knew the contents without opening the file. The user could, for example, save the file by patient's first and last name, the date of the visit, and the doctor's name (as the extension). The file name might appear as: "JohnDoe-1-2-99.DrSmith."

Routing capabilities are very specific. Users can route by a number of criteria included in the VoiceWare® text file including, department, work type, doctor name, and many more. Multiple routing is also possible. For example, Dr. Smith can have his documents routed to his office and documents associated with Dr. Smith can also be routed to a different place designated by his department. The VoiceWare® Distribution Server is extremely flexible. It is designed to accelerate document delivery as well as relieve essential personnel of mundane tasks such as paper work and nominal computer file creation and data administration.

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