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VoiceWare Server ® 241
Dictation / Transcription Server

One day, all dictation and transcription will be done this way!

VoiceWare ServerThe most advanced dictation machine available!  With VoiceWare Server® you get both a dictation machine and a transcription server in one system for one low price.

VoiceWare Server® is the central hub linking all your dictation & transcription components together.  Several built-in secure communications options come with VoiceWare Server®, including 128-bit encryption over the Internet, direct modem-to-modem communications, and LAN and WAN connectivity.  A single VoiceWare Server® can be configured with 0 to 192 simultaneous phone-in ports and 0 to 1000 simultaneous Internet ports.

VoiceWare Server® accommodates more digital sound file types than any other system on the market including Sony, Olympus, Dictaphone, DVI, Philips and many others.  The powerful ODBC demographics system makes it easy and quick to link to external databases (such as ADT systems) without the use of programmers. An optional document distribution system for fax, secure email, remote print, and exporting to FTP, websites, and EMR systems is also available.

VoiceWare Server's® "never-lose-a-job" architecture performs job tracking from beginning of recording to return of finished transcription in one easy-to-manage screen. Dictation recordings, transcriptions, demographics, and quality assurance edits are all inseparably linked in a single database in a single server.

  • Dictate over the telephone
  • Dictate into handheld digital recorders
  • Dictate into PC microphones (Philips, Sony and others)
  • 0 to192 phone-in ports per server
  • Supports up to 1000 transcriptionists on a single server
  • Transcription server built into the dictation system
  • Transcribe securely over the Internet
  • Secure database-driven repository of transcribed documents
  • Optional document distribution system for fax, secure email, remote print, etc.
  • Job tracking from beginning of recording to return of finished document to the
    client site in one easy-to-manage screen
  • Bi-directional HL-7 interface to most major brands
  • RIS and PACS integration to most major brands
  • Electronic signature
  • 128-bit encryption for HIPAA compliance
  • Creates its own VPN or works within your VPN
  • Nationwide service, support and training
  • Feature-rich yet easy to manage

VoiceWare® handles it all in a single system at prices far lower than the other leading brands.

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Sales made to Virginia residents are subject to a sales tax of 5% which will be added to the total of your order. We accept VISA, MasterCard & Discover.

VoiceWare™ products are shipped UPS ground. Shipping charges are $19.00. All returned orders are subject to a restocking fee of $35.00. Shipping charges will not be refunded. Please check the system specifications and minimum requirements to make sure your computer configuration is adequate. VoiceWare™ requires a SoundBlaster-16 or compatible sound card. Please check with your local computer technician or computer manufacturer to determine if your sound card is SB-16 or compatible.

If you need to place an order, or speak to Sales after hours, please call either of the above numbers. After 5:30 EST, you will be offered an after-hours menu. For Sales needs, please choose #2 from the menu. After the message, if you leave your name number, someone will get back to you promptly. You can also contact our Customer Service department.

System Requirements

The minimum recommended configuration for VoiceWare™ is:

Computer Type:IBM PC-compatible
Operating System:Windows 98 or higher
Processor Type:486/DX2 66 or better
Memory - RAM:8 MB or more
Sound Card:SoundBlaster 16 or compatible
Disk Storage:100 MB* of free disk space
Video:Super VGA or better
Communications Port (serial)One unused 9 pin

*You need 10 MB of space for the software. The remainder allows room for personal data files on your hard drive.

Interface specifications:
VoiceWare™ is SQL (Structured Query Language) and OLE (Object Linking/Embedding) 2.0 compliant.
VoiceWare™ is also available as a callable module for your existing applications.

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